Cooling Equipment with superior operational qualities and high performance levels!

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New Turbocor line

turbo installazione 

 Liquid Chillers with oil free turbocor comp. and fluded evaporator up to 1.6MW



Process Cooling Application ENR/ENRF/CSE

Aircooled/Watercooled scroll compressors w-w/o free cooling up to 480kW

More details

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Cooling Heating Application CFT/HFT SERIES

Aircooled chillers scroll compressors from 30kW to 480kW


Cooling Application SBS/SBSF

Modular chillers scroll compressors w-w/o free cooling up to 1000kW

 U6V4385 azz

Cooling Big Evolution ECS.F/EET.F/ITC.F

screw compress. w-w/out
free cooling
up to 1.700kW

Solutions by Industry sector

  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Food and Beverage
  • Metal Finishing
  • Packaging, Plastics and Rubber
  • Pharmaceutical / Chemical
  • Server / Data Room

Our competition is our ability to Customize our products

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new and improvedArctic Cool Chillers Limited and Hitema SRL are pleased to announce that they have collaborated efforts to launch the Arctic Cool magnetic Bearing Chiller offering to the European and surrounding markets. The products will be offered through the current Hitema representative netwDSCN0031ork and will carry both the Arctic Cool and Hitema brand. 

Arctic Chiller Group (“Arctic”) is a manufacturer of modular and high efficiency chillers that are utilized in commercial and industrial cooling applications. Arctic Cool Chillers Limited, the oil free magnetic bearing division of Arctic, is the leading manufacturer of oil free chillers featuring the Danfoss Turbocor compressor. Products are available in both water cooled and air cooled configurations with a product ranging from 60 kW to 1600 kW.

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 VIDEO NEW Turbocor line VIDEO 


Hitema is a leading manufacturer of highly customized refrigeration units. The Company’s global presence has ensured the development of a technologically advanced, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly product range. Through its extensive industry experience Hitema, is positioned to successfully support the full range of both air cooled and water cooled Turbocor chillers produced by Arctic to their global network of distributors






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