Cooling Equipment with superior operational qualities and high performance levels!

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Hitema, international partner

A Global Leader in system solutions for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration.

Innovation, activity, market oriented behaviour: those are distinctive characteristics.

Cooling Plus
Aircooled chillers
scroll compressors
w-w/o free cooling
up to 480 kW
SBS web
Cooling Plus
Modular chillers
scroll compressors
w-w/o free cooling
up to 1000 kW
Big Evolution
Aircooled big chillers
screw compress.
w-w/o free cooling
up to 1.700 Kw
Water Cooled Condenser
watercooled chillers
scroll/screw compressors
from 3 Kw
to 2500 Kw

Solutions by Industry sector

  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Food and Beverage
  • Metal Finishing
  • Packaging, Plastics and Rubber
  • Pharmaceutical / Chemical
  • Server / Data Room

Celebrating 25 years

Our competition is our ability to Customize our products

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WE WORK HARDAdvanced Techonology, Absolute Quality and Closing at the Customer strong points that Hitema uses for its grown. Hitema is a Company that has shown competitive capacity and a big flexibility at Market requirements and it has been able to pay a leading role thanks to the ability to place good technological solution for industrial refrigeration and HVAC design for data center and switch rooms and compressed air treatment.

A global leader

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